A man, named Ashok Nirmalkar of Raipur, India, was stabbed firmly in his left eyebrow during a fight, leaving nearly 3-inch of the blade entrenched in his skull. The 25-year-old man was rushed to the Sri Narayana healing center after a blade attack missed his cerebrum by millimeters.

A group of specialists drove by Dr. Sunil Khema could evacuate the blade from his eyebrows, without causing any harm to his cerebrum.

Dr. Khemka said SWNS that the X-ray report demonstrated how the knife had gone three inches deep and punctured the left eye flap, missing the brains optic nerve.

Specialist Dr. Khemka said, “It was a life-threatening operation. While extracting the foreign body we had to do it very cautiously. A small mistake and the optic nerve that connects eyes to the brains would get damaged. We also had to operate on his eyes.”

A group of specialists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists operated Ashok for nearly three hours and succeeded in detaching the blade from his eye.

Ashok, who was stabbed amid a fight, uttered, “After the attack, I thought I won’t survive but the doctors have given me another life.”

He said that although they could not save the patient’s sight as his eyeball witnessed severe damage in the assault, they will try to save his retina and cornea. Dr. Khemka further added, “We couldn’t spare his eye, however, we are happy that we figured out how to spare his life.”


Picture Source: Newslions / SWNS.com


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